Friday, January 25, 2008

Data Center art !!

Now we've seen almost all kinds of art .. but i can assure you that you havent seen this.

Now for a little bit less aesthetically pleasing data center sights .... or u can call this a network admin nightmare :p

And a totally random treat for those of you who don't keep your monitors clean:


Thursday, January 17, 2008

D x V x FS > R

One thing that you would notice about engineers is that they love equations, formulas and proved theorems. If you don't believe me, try this: Ask an engineer for help with a simple math or physics problem. You will suddenly see the guy's mood become brighter as he warms up to the challenge and jumps right into the problem (This is how geeks reminisce about college -- Instead of fraternities/parties/spring breaks.) The final answer would consist of some extremely advanced formula or theorem that you've never heard of before and you end up being more confused about the subject than before. (And this is how they show off ... lol)

Unfortunately, there aren't any formulas to help us out in real life (e.g social situations) BUT I attended a seminar last week in school in which we discussed a couple of frameworks to deal with a few particular situations at work.

The following information will be not new to you. In fact, we all do this unconsciously in our mind, but I thought it was cool to have it written down as a framework.

For example, when dealing with an issue at work/writing emails use the following framework :
What is the issue?
So What impact does it have?
Now What can you do?
Who needs to be involved?
What are the First Steps needed?

A safe way to provide feedback to a friend/colleague/team member:
When you describe behavior the impact on me/group is ____ .
I feel Describe a feeling (Cannot start with 'that')
What I need from you is Result

Clear mis-understanding:
I assumed _______ because of ________.

Never use the following phrases :
Get over it.
You shouldn't feel like that.
Don't take it personally.
What ever !!

And if you're wondering that title of this post meant:
D x V x FS > R
Dissatisfaction x Vision x First Steps > Resistance