Saturday, April 14, 2007

Finding that perfect swing !

The first hole was par 4.
I raised my driver and brought it down in a perfect swing and watched the ball fly up in the air and land 200 yards away right on the fairway.
I rush of emotions went by which ranged from relief that I didn't make a fool of myself, to disbelief that my first shot was so perfectly on the spot.

That was the first shot of the first ever real golf game that I played. I had started learning how to play a few months ago, and had played at various driving ranges and small 9 hole practice courses. But last Wednesday, I went in to play at a real golf course with a couple of friends & colleagues. And I actually did well ...

I finished the first hole at par !!!!!!!
Although I admit, there were a couple of holes in which I was hitting the ball from the trees in one side of the fairway to the trees/shrubs in the other side.

And I lost only two balls (which is an amazing feat by itself) ... one in the water, and the other in the trees

But it was sooo much fun ... I'm completely hooked up on this game now. Every now and then I find myself checking the weather for the weekend to see if it's going to rain or not.

And I dont care if people say that it's a boring game or only old retired people play it (which is not true .. I see a lot of young men and women playing .. even kids!)

Here's the score card of the first 9 holes from the game ... I figured I would want to have a memory of my first game ever.
Also .. note that my score wasn't that bad compared to the other people I was playing with (Who have been playing for years - except for Sabir)